Transporte von Landmaschinen aller Art

Agricultural machinery transport


Our special trucks with plateaus or low boards which can be driven over are optimised for the transport of all kinds of agricultural machinery.

For example, we transport Tractors, Harvester-Threshers, Field choppers, Loaders, Mowers, Liquid manure vehicle, Soil cultivating machine, Seeder, Field-Crop sprayer. Fertilizer distributor, Windrower, Turner, Baler and Yard loader.

Our vehicles have special permits for overheight and excess width loads. We drive loads with up to 4.0 m height and 3.70 m width.

Thanks to extendable and lowerable platforms or retractable low board agricultural machinery can be anywhere driven up from the ground and down to ground - without crane and ramp.

All of our trucks are equipped with specific load securing equipments for the transport of agricultural machinery. This includes winches, lashing chains, wedge chocks, securing straps and certified belts. Our driversare especially trained for the handling of agricultural machinery and securing them.

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