Trust & Trade

The secure way to trade in used machines on the internet

The internet opened many new possibilities to trade with used agricultural machinery and made the offer diversified and international. But can one really trust every provider and every buyer in the worldwide network ? And how comes the tractor, the harvester-thresher or the loader to the buyer?

Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH offers with "Trust & Trade"  an adequate response to both questions.  We have developed a procedure for trustful trade on the internet, which covers the transport of the used agricultural machinery or the used vehicle.


Do not transfer any money to unknown bank accounts in the UK.
Your Trust & Trade transaction is exclusively handled by Fehrenkötter Transport & Logistik GmbH, Germany.

Safe, reliable, practical

The signet "Trust & Trade" offers for the buyer and seller equally the guarantee that the commoditiy and money are handed over properly and assures simultaneously a prompt and reliable delivery.

With Trust & Trade Fehrenkötter allows all sellers the possibility to offer their national and international customers a reliable transport service and be at the same time covered against sham purchasers and frauds. Trust & Trade offers purchasers money-back guarantee if the purchased machine can not be delivered.

In 5 steps safely to the goal

1. Request the transportation costs: A Click here on the Trust & Trade-Logo in tractor pool-machinery range or under will lead directly to the online form with which buyer or seller can request the transportation costs .

2. Placing an orderClick here on the link to go to the order and fill in the order form with the additional option „Trust & Trade“ and send. Purchaser and seller will receive immediately the Trust & Trade contract and send it signed back.

3. Payment: The buyer transfers the purchase amount to the Trust & Trade account. The seller will receive a confirmation concerning the receipt of payment. At the same time Fehrenkötter disposes a truck for the transport.

4. Delivering the goods: The seller delivers the machine to the driver of the Fehrenkötter truck and signs the freight documents. The driver receipts the delivery on the Trust & Trade contract. At the same time the buyer receives a confirmation of receipt per E-mail or fax. Trust & Trade transfers the purchase amount to the seller.

5. Undertaking the good:The shipper Fehrenkötter delivers the machine directly to the purchaser.

Transport request

» Here you will get directly to the transport request with Trust & Trade safety function for your vehicle or machine purchase on the internet.

You know already the transportation cost and want to use Trust & Trade?
»Here you will get directly to the Trust & Trade order form.

Beside the individual transportation costs we charge following fees for the Trust & Trade function:

  • up to €10 000.- purchase price: 1,5%
  • up to €20,000.- purchase price: 1,0%
  • up to €50,000.- purchase price: 0,5%
  • up to €100,000.- purchase price: 0,3%
  • up to €100,001.- purchase price: flat €350.-
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