Fleet: FixCover

Ultimate protection of your valuable cargo

With the unique FlexCover, designed by Fehrenkötter, we ship your valuable vehicles or machines safely and dry under tarpaulin. The variable sliding curtain system of our FexCover truck holds up to 130 m3 volume.

A very low drive-in wheel recess as well as low section tyres on the trailer allow excess loading heights up to 3700 millimeter. Loads of up to 3.0 m in width can be transported safely under tarpaulin. The rear extension can be broadend and the sliding roof can be lifted up for fast and safe loading and unloading.

The load area can be completely overdriven in full length and offers an ideal load condition for all vehicles and machines. Due to perforated floors which are downwards closed the load securing can be done adequate to the automotive industry.

Thanks to extendable rear extensions with ramps vehicles and machines can be loaded and unloaded at ground level - everywhere, quick and safe.

All of our vehicles drive with the latest generation of Euro 6 engines. Environment-friendly, powerfull, economical.

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